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Citric Acid Acidulants

Acidulants are used to balance the perception of acid and sweetness, especially in fruit products. They are also used to lower pH to the optimum pH range of stabilisers such as pectins.
Citric acid is a natural acidulant that gives a pleasant acid note. Citric acid anhydrous is commonly used when added as a solution. For coatings for confectionery products, we recommend Citric Acid Monohydrate.
Tartaric Acid   Tartaric acid is also a natural acidulant, but with a slightly more acidic profile than citric acid.

Other less commonly used acidulants are summarised in the Acidulants section.
Essential Oils Aromatics, flavour enhancers Essential Oils with applications in confectionery include peppermint oils, spearmint and aniseed.

Amedeo Giovanni offers a full range of citrus essential oils, including orange, lemon and lime.
Maltol   Maltol can be used to mask bitterness and to enhance chocolate flavours.
Oleoresins   Oleoresins include cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg.
Maltodextrin Bulking agents

In sugar-free and sugar-modified products, bulking agents can play a valuable role in changing the sugar and calorific profile of the confectionery product.
Maltodextrin can be added as a nutritive bulking agent, with reduced sweetness in the final product.
Polydextrose   Polydextrose is a bland bulking agent with virtually no sweetness, and reduced calorific content.
Cocoa Powder Cocoa Solids, Colour, Flavour Depending on the origin, degree of alkalisation and fat content Cocoa Powder provides the right flavour and colour for the right application.

Generally, the higher the degree of alkalisation of the cocoa powder, the more dispersible it becomes.
Cocoa Liquor   Cocoa Liquor can also be added to bar and enrobed confectionery products.

We recommend cocoa powder and cocoa liquor from ADM. Please contact ADM directly: www.adm.com.
Natural Colours, Artificial Colours Colour Hawkins Watts Australia offers a comprehensive range of natural and artificial colours for use in confectionery applications.

Our suppliers, DD Williamson cover the colour spectrum.
Lecithin Emulsifier Liquid and Powdered Lecithins are frequently used to give some emulsification, reduce stickiness and give release from trays and processing equipment.

We recommend lecithins from ADM. Please contact ADM directly: www.adm.com.
Flavours Flavour A wide array of fruit flavours, “brown” flavours (vanilla, chocolate caramel, coffee), as well as dairy flavours such as butters and creams, are available.
Alginates Gums, hydrocolloids, thickeners, stabilisers

Hydrocolloids suitable for use in high solids systems

We recommend alginates from ADM. Please contact ADM directly: www.adm.com.
Gelatine   Gelatine from Rousselot
Gum Acacia   Gum Acacia (Gum arabic)
Pectin   Confectionery pectins from H&F,such as Classic AS507.

Please contact us for more information.
Toffee pieces, nougat pieces Inclusions We have a comprehensive range of inclusions from Felix Koch Offenbach GmbH (FKO) Germany, including toffee and nougat pieces.

Through our partnership with Felix Koch Offenbach we have access to a range of premium quality inclusions. Most of these are made to order by our supplier in Germany, so minimum order volumes apply.
Citrus Fibre Nutraceuticals

The healthy connotations of acidified dairy products mean that they provide an excellent opportunity for the inclusion of nutraceuticals.
Herbafood Ingredients, a division of Herbstreith & Fox, has a range of apple and citrus derived fibres, including Herbacel AQ Plus Citrus Fibre. These fibres have very high water-holding capacity and have shown to sequester heavy metals, as well as promoting good intestinal health.
Plant sterols   Plant sterols have a similar structure to cholesterol; when absorbed by the body, they will help block the amount of cholesterol absorbed, ultimately lowering the blood cholesterol levels.
Dextrose Sweeteners Dextrose monohydrate is a coarse powdered sweetener with less sweetness than sucrose, but it has a low glycaemic index and is suitable for use where rapid absorption is required.
Fructose   Fructose is a crystalline sweetener with 1.2 to 1.6 times the sweetness of sucrose. Fructose can be used in products where sweetness profile and glucose content need to be controlled.

Fructose also has a low glycaemic index.
Stevia   Stevia from Daepyung is a natural high-intensity sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia plant with applications in low-sugar formulations.

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